Company principles

1. We focus on the needs of patients

Our ideas aren't dreamt up in expensive designer offices, but are born from patient care. We develop medical devices to optimize the process of caring for patients. 


2. We focus on the needs of users


Medical professionals need medical products inspired by practical experience. We fully understand every detail of our users' needs and make it our mission to keep up to date with all the latest developments in good clinical practice.


3. We develop simple medical devices


Medical devices must be easy to use without compromising on quality. This is the only way to guarantee optimal usability even under challenging conditions and time pressure.

4. We develop safe medical devices


Medical devices must be safe and virtually impossible to use incorrectly. This is what we are striving to achieve.  


5. We focus on what's important


We are constantly looking for new ways to offer added value to patients and users. We invest in benefits for patients and users and are never satisfied with anything but the best solutions.