Dr. Jens Ebnet at the Compamed Forum of Innovation

Updated: Jul 25, 2019

Dr. Jens Ebnet talks at the Compamed Forum of Innovation about the future of medical technology: 

What should medical technology be able to do? That‘s what he regularly asks the emergency paramedics at the end of a shift in the ambulance.  “It should function properly” is the most common answer. That probably sounds like an affront to people in the industry, and it doesn’t get any better when Ebnet says “And it should be easy to use”.  That’s not always the case, as he explains with the example of catheters for big blood vessels. Here, the so called Seldinger technique is used almost everywhere. This procedure was first introduced in 1953, includes five necessary steps and requires many components.  “This complex procedure is not always suitable for an emergency situation”, says Ebnet.

Translated and modified from: https://www.devicemed.de/compamed-innovationsforum-neues-format-begeistert-a-847995/


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